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Merchants to join

Merchants to join

Merchants to join

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If you want to use your project resources more efficiently, you can consider becoming a project partner of our Lead Zone energy-saving fan without additional effort and double your income.
Lead Zone high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) energy-saving large fans are indoor ventilation products with extremely fast sales growth.
Almost all indoor large planes with a height of more than 5 meters, such as workshops, logistics warehouses, waiting rooms, stadiums, car 4S shops, etc., are suitable places for installing Lead Zone energy-saving fans.
Compared with comparable wall fans, horn fans, negative pressure fans, environmentally friendly air conditioners and water-cooled air conditioners, Lead Zone energy-saving fans have the advantages of large coverage area, obvious and soft wind, energy saving, smooth floor space, etc. .
Since the product was promoted in China, it has been favored by large industrial enterprises, especially the owners of steel structure industrial plants, and sales have grown rapidly.
For salesmen who sell mechanical (industrial) products, besides completing their own sales work, they will also introduce the Lead Zone energy-saving fan, which does not require additional manpower and material resources, and can bring advanced energy saving to customers Ventilation products can easily increase your income.

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