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Is the number of blades related to the quality of the fan?

Is the number of blades related to the quality of the fan?

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Is the number of blades related to the quality of the fan?

(Summary description)


Regardless of the configuration and manufacturing level of the ceiling fan, as far as the wind efficiency is concerned, the index to measure the quality of the ceiling fan should be the air volume and coverage area under comparable conditions (the same speed and the same diameter).

    With the advancement of technology, high-efficiency blades can produce the same wind efficiency or even more air volume with a smaller number of blades. As in today's automobile industry, the displacement of automobile engines is gradually becoming smaller, but the engine power and torque are still sufficient to drive high-quality automobiles. In the same way, as long as the same air volume is generated and the same fan covers the area, the fewer the number of blades, the higher the wind efficiency of the fan blades. For safety considerations, the fewer blades and the overall weight reduction, which can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, but also Safe to use.

    The blade manufactured by Lizhong's stamping process is different from the blades of other peer extrusion manufacturing processes. Its blades gradually become narrower, thinner and slightly distorted along the radial direction. These characteristics make it possible to produce more blades under the same conditions. Large air volume.

    We know that under the same rotational speed, the linear velocity of each point along the radius of the blade varies greatly. Taking a ceiling fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters, the linear velocity of the tip part is 7 times that of the root part. Such a large speed difference, if the same width extruded blades are used, it will inevitably lead to extremely low wind efficiency at the root of the blade with a very low linear velocity, and a center cavity will usually be formed.

     However, Lizhong's blades have a wide blade width at the root part where the line speed is very low, and use large-size fan blades for air supply, while the blade tip part with high line speed is relatively narrow, and the blades with high line speed are used for air supply. . In this way, the problem of uneven radial air supply of the blades is significantly improved, and the wind efficiency of the blades is improved.
     In addition, the Lizhong blades gradually become thinner and slightly twisted along the radius, which makes the static pressure and dynamic pressure ratio of the blades gradually change, optimizes the air supply efficiency, and generates a larger air volume.

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