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Is the higher the aluminum model of the fan blade, the better?

Is the higher the aluminum model of the fan blade, the better?

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Is the higher the aluminum model of the fan blade, the better?

(Summary description)


As each manufacturer has different R&D technologies, manufacturing standards, test conditions and blind configuration comparisons, there is a tendency to compete to increase the label of aluminum alloy profiles.

As a product closely related to safety, ensuring safe use is an undoubted prerequisite!

The question is, is the higher the aluminum alloy grade, the safer it is?

    Take the accidental drop of the blades and the impact of external forces that often occur in the daily use of super large ceiling fans as an example. A higher aluminum alloy material label means higher strength and hardness. In the event of an external impact, the blades may be thickened and equipped with reinforcement Ribs or high-grade materials are not dropped or damaged, but this means that the energy generated by the collision is rigidly transmitted to the hub, the motor, and even the roof load-bearing beam. Compared with the blade damage, the hidden dangers caused by this are obvious.

    The blades of the Lizhong super large ceiling fan are stamped from 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy thin and double-layer 1.5mm thick plates. Due to the unique shape of the blade and the shape of the inner cavity, sufficient support strength can still be formed without the need for additional blade material thickness or built-in stiffeners to ensure that the blade tip does not sag and bend. When encountering an external impact, the blade is deformed due to the relatively soft material, which effectively absorbs the collision energy, combined with Lizhong's unique wheel hub vibration isolation rubber sleeve, effectively protects the motor and the building structure.

    Lizhong’s hub parts and petiole parts are made of 6061-T6 material. In order to confirm the safety and reliability of the material and part design, according to the short board theory, the weak special-shaped sliding hole parts and blade thin plates were selected and sent to Shenzhen technical supervision The Institute of Metrology under the bureau conducted destructive tensile tests, and the results proved that the safety of component materials and design far exceeded the safety limits of general mechanical products.

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